Daniel hubbard

Daniel has been tattooing since 2003 and specialises in fine-line, black & grey illustrative styles. Favorites include floral, horror, Japanese, Viking, and Celtic pieces.

Before moving to Sacred Art, Daniel owned and operated Forbidden Tattoos Studio in Feilding, New Zealand.

Daniel’s Work


Today I had the awesome honour of meeting Daniel, an incredible man with a past who has changed his whole life, and changed the tattooing industry. Daniel is truly an inspiration for any ” naughty boy” and anyone who battles inner demons. Daniel is a self taught tattoo artist, who played around the tattoo studios of his young friends, being told he would never amount to anything because he couldn’t “draw”. Daniel started Forbidden Tattoos 83 from nothing, starting from using a $50 tattoo machine, to having a beautiful studio in the heart of Feilding, and now moving to Masterton’s Sacred Art. He found himself being a guest tattoo artist at Bohemian Tattoo Studio Tauranga, and a guest tattoo artist at the Wellington Tattoo Convention, a real honour that reflects skill and talent on a high magnitude.

Daniel understands that tattoo studios can seem like an intimidating place, but he ensures your comforts with flowing conversations, sense of humor, and lots of banter. A lot of first timers come to Daniel, and always end up coming back. Everyone is welcome, from 84 year old ladies to wheelchair users with serious illnesses.

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