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Preparing for a piercing

The Do’s and Don’ts you should follow before you come into the studio for your piercing.

Preparing for a piercing

The Dos and Don’ts

Please ensure that you have eaten at least 4 hours prior before coming into the studio and are well hydrated and rested. This will make the overall experience more pleasant and keep you from feeling light headed.

Please do not drink excessively the night before your piercing as this can thin your blood. If we suspect you are under the influence we will turn you away.  Performing a piercing on an intoxicated client is illegal and will not be tolerated.

Pay attention to your physical condition. If you have any symptoms and are feeling unwell, we kindly ask you to stay home. Please be considerate of others within the studio and don’t expose anyone to the risk of falling ill.

Being sick may also hinder your immune system and affect your piercings and the healing process, potentially causing unwanted complications. If. you are feeling unwell on the day of your appointment, please contact us and we will rearrange your appointment.

If you have any medical conditions that you suspect may be an issue in regard to your piercing, please don’t hesitate to contact us to express your concerns. Where it will be an issue, we will advise you to consult your doctor or medical professional. We will require their signed consent before we can proceed with your piercing.

If you have long hair and are requiring piercing of the ears, its always a good idea to bring a hair tie to tie back the hair.  This will minimise interference with the piercing process and prevent irritation to the fresh piercing.

If you are wearing make up around the area of your desired piecing be prepared for it to be wiped off whilst disinfecting the area of skin around the piercing site. Do not reapply any make up on the fresh piercing.

If you are planning to get a belly piercing please wear loose fitting clothes. Your piercing will need blood flow and as little friction as possible. Tight fitting clothes and high waisted pants will rub and irritate your piercing, potentially triggering infections and complications.

Its best to wear comfortable clothes for the first week whilst the fresh piercing is at its most tender.

Listen to the advice your piercer gives you in regard to aftercare of your piercing. 

Aftercare is cruicial for a happy healthy piercing.

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