Tattoo Tonic


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Tattoo Tonic is a 100% natural 100% vegan tattoo aftercare salve. Formulated and made by tattoo artists in Wellington, New Zealand. Tried and tested in our busy studio on our customers and ourselves. We love our planet, and we love animals, so no animal products are used in tattoo tonic, only 100% natural ingredients. To help the environment everything from the ingredients in the salve, to the packaging and labelling are sourced right here in New Zealand, supporting local business, cutting down on shipping and transportation, and reducing our carbon footprint.

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Top Tips For Healing your new Tattoo

  • Always follow your tattoo artists aftercare instructions.
  • Your tattoo is like a cut or wound so keep it clean!
  • Wash your tattoo with warm water and liquid soap before applying Tattoo Tonic.
  • Pat with a fresh clean towel, allow to air dry, then apply a small amount of salve.
  • Only ever apply Tattoo Tonic with clean hands and don’t double dip.
  • A thin even coat is enough, applying lots won’t make your tattoo heal faster.
  • We recommend Tattoo Tonic be applied twice daily.


See our Tattoo Aftercare page for more info and tips on healing your tattoo

Tattoo Aftercare