Sacred art tattoo & Piercing

Based in Masterton New Zealand, we are a retail shop and Tattoo/Piercing studio, specializing in many forms of Tattooing styles, including Ta Moko
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About Sacred Art Tattoo and Piercing

Sacred Art Tattoo and Piercing is located on the main street of Masterton (NZ) and is based in a 1930’s art-deco theater lobby. With mosaic tiles and a central chandelier, this spacious and colourful environment is the perfect setting for your tattoo and piercing needs.

Our experienced and professional artists are proficient in a majority of tattooing styles and will work together with you to achieve your stylistic goals. 

We welcome all! …From ‘first-timers’ to ‘Veteran Tattoo-enthusiasts’.

Our body Piercers are extremely passionate and qualified individuals who offer most body piercing services. We take pride in our appearance and customer-service. With the highest quality tools, our hygienic environment will make you warm and welcome while we shove needles through you. 

If you are a travelling artist and would like to enquire about a guest spot, we would LOVE to hear from you!





What People say about us

“I have been going to Sacred Art for many years now and have always had great experiences. You can tell everyone takes pride in their work and really cares about making you feel comfortable.”

– Brian

“I have been tattooed and pierced by all the artist, and love the individual styles!  I would recommend the Sacred Art Team to all my friends, family and anyone who asks!”


Clothing, Jewellery and Aftercare

View our range of custom merchandise, piercing jewellery and clothing, hand picked to match your lifestyle.